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Google is just a nasty machine ...

... Just one big, ugly, nasty, stinking machine.  Google gives the most desirable page rank to web sites featuring the nauseatingly innocuous equivalent of puppies and kittens.  They whole-heartedly honor and endorse all pro-Western expression, so promoting the very hurtful, anti-Muslim variety on its Youtube subsidiary was hardly a stretch.  If it will make them any richer, they will support and embrace oppression, just like they did in facilitating the censorship of China, and suppressing Democracy there.  It also licenses its technology off-shore to pay less in taxes.  As the fifth largest lobbyist in the World, they have the federal government, and its bought representation, serving at their beck and call.

They claim their credo is “First, do no evil,” the much more accurate motto is, “First, only do evil.”  George Orwell wrote of the Ministry of Truth in his seminal work 1984.  The Ministry of Truth would decide truth for the unprivileged; bending it any which way the powerful felt it should be bent to maintain their position.  In a post-1984 world, Google is now effectively the Ministry of Truth.  They decide what, and what will not, be seen by readers of the Internet.

Through the Google forum, I tried resolving my issues resulting from their denying me page rank.  Page rank, you may know, is necessary to get advertisers, or visitors.  However, the Google troll-functionary only lived in a Pollyannaish yet frigidly effete, corporate culture, so the first thing I was told was that Other Letter was “a hate web site.”  I flagged their responses as inappropriate.  The next day I attempted to save what transpired, but like any practiced criminal organization, they deleted the evidence.  I spoke to some other Google functionary that week, but they only sided with Google.

If I need not concern myself with Google goons, or Google trolls, or the prohibitive cost of suing a Fortune 100, I would sue Google in a heartbeat (to permanently damage their stock price, because I do not need money gotten in the commission of crimes).  So instead I have this recourse.  The first row outside the table demonstrates the percent of traffic Google gives the rest of the World, followed by the daily percentage of traffic it gives Other Letter.  Since April 1st, the Russian search engine Yandex has been giving me more traffic than Google has been giving me.

As a machine, Google was born with no soul, and will only die with none.

January, 2014 Global User Searches
Google: 67.6  Bing: 18.3  Yahoo: 10.4  Yandex(Russia): 0.0  Other: 3.7

This is a feed of a data file with what is essentially a daily pie-chart of
Other Letter’s visitors by search engine percentage.